A beautiful island in Greece –  Ocean is blue, buildings are white everything here is blue and white :). It is the most romantic, dreamy, breathtaking and exotic bucket list location that must be on everyone’s list!

Santorini is a mix of multicolored towering cliffs, the royal blue Aegean Sea complementing the white washed buildings and famous blue dome churches scattered all around the island. It has the spectacular view over the submerged volcano, impressive luxury hotels, picturesque little villages and the stunning romantic sunset. With more churches than homes and more wine than water (as the locals say !)….  it is really a unique place like no other.

Santorini was my dream Honeymoon destination and yes dreams do come true if you believe in it. Although being one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations, there was not much relevant information available and it took a lot of time to research on various topics such as how to reach here, accommodation, things to do, commute etc. After having this mesmerizing trip of a lifetime and planning all by myself, it persuaded me to come to the world of blogging.

So based on my research and experience I have tried to cover as many topics as I could and have listed them in a logical sequence that will serve as a good guide. Within each feature, I have also given tips which will give you key insights and help you to plan your trip.

This post features: 

Essentials for Santorini trip

How to reach Santorini

Attractions of Santorini

Itinerary for Santorini

Place to stay in Santorini

Commute within Santorini

Food in Santorini

Shopping in Santorini