Jimmy Choo shoes – Luna 100

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Looking for tips to decide your Luxury designer footwear?

Jimmy Choo, remember the scene from Sex And The City, when Carrie Bradshaw loses one of her high heels and says, ‘I lost my Choo!’
Well, let me twist it a bit and say ‘I got my Choo’ yay. Yes, you heard it right. I got a gorgeous pair of the designer shoe by Jimmy Choo. I bought Luna 100, glamorous peep-toe heels in champagne glitter fabric. Watch the unboxing of Jimmy Choo heels in the above video.

While purchasing this luxury, a lot of questions popped up. So here is a list of tips worth considering before you embark on a search for the hottest pair of designer shoes.

Tips to choose the first Designer footwear

1. Occasion – What occasion are you looking for – daily wear, workwear, evening wear etc?
2. Comfort level – What’s your preference on the comfort level, whether you want to go for heels or flats?
3. Narrow down on the brand – Select the luxury brand you want to go for like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Valentino Garavani etc
4. Model of the shoes – Checkout their various style – Pump, sandal, flats, slides , boots, peep toes etc
5. Colour – Select neutral subtle colour which can go with most of the dresses so it won’t limit the usage of footwear
6. Timeless piece – Go for classic design rather than their season exclusive collection. Most of the luxury brand is coming up with the new ones every season but pick a
shoe which is timeless and you will use it season after season pretty much rest of your life without going out of style.
7. Budget – It always a good idea to have a budget and then look for the shoes as it allows you to stay within your limits. Once you start looking at the latest fashion it can be really easy to go over budget.
8. Sale – The good news is most of the luxury footwear brands have got a sale. If you are not in the urgency of buying the shoe then you can keep track of your favourite pair of shoes and wait for the sale.
But the only drawback with the sale is, it doesn’t guarantee the availability of correct size of your favourite shoes as it gets sold out very quickly
9. Authenticity – If you are new to designer brands then its always good to buy it directly from the official website of the designer brands like I bought my shoe from Official website from Jimmy Choo. It gives you peace of mind that you are getting an authentic product as one of the common issues with purchasing designer footwear online is knowing whether or not the merchandise is authentic.
10. Own research -Do you own research like read a blog, watch videos, visit a store and try shoes in your wish list.
If you are reading this blog then you have already started your research

Also, before splurging in to a designer footwear you must understand that you’re getting more than just a name and a higher price tag. You’re getting high quality, and, of course, the latest fashions that will last a lifetime.

And as I also say above all is the love for the shoe, If you can can’t stop thinking about it then buy it.






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