Sophia Webster – Flossy butterfly camera bag

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A statement piece!

I am so thrilled to own this statement piece by Sophia Webster.

I don’t see many blogs or Vlogs on Sophia Webster bags which made it hard for me to choose the bag from her collection as this designer brand has got beautiful variants of the bag and deciding on a bag without any review was tough. So this is how I narrowed down on the flossy butterfly camera bag.
I know the most famous item from her collection is Chiara sandals and one can easily spot it on celebrities but I was in the need of a bag at that moment preferably crossbody. At first, I liked few bags like butterfly tote (Liara), butterfly clutch, pearl clutch, and flossy butterfly camera bag and I narrowed down to 2 bags and It was a tough time deciding between Liara n flossy butterfly camera bag. Then I took a back step and asked myself what type of bag I need at this moment? Am I actually gonna use it or will it be just an addition to my collection? Which will be used the most? Also, referred my old post
For all the questions I got an answer as a crossbody bag. So that was the deciding factor and I went ahead and bought it

Here are the few details about the bag

1.  Bag – The bag measurements are Width 18 cm, Height 13 cm, Depth 6 cm.
Inside it has got 2 card slot
2. Strap – It has got a detachable strap. The Strap gives 5 height options with minimum length 43 cm to maximum length of 53 cm.
3. The 3D butterfly in front of the bag not only makes it look stunning but also give a unique and very stylish way to wear it as a clutch
One can wear it in 3 different ways – shoulder bag, crossbody and clutch
4. Where to buy – I bought it from the Official website of Sophia Webster. Although there are few trusted merchandises who sell this item I am not listing them here as I have not bought any luxury items from them.
5. When to buy – They do have the annual or bi-annual sale. If you can wait till then and you are ready to take risk of the item not getting out of stock then Sale is the best option to get this item

Reasons to buy this bag

1. A statement piece – definitely a statement piece. A very stylish and sophisticated piece of art.
2. It elevates your overall look. 
3. Versatile– Easy to transform it from day to evening bag. Use it in casual attire or with an evening dresses
4.  Exclusive – Let’s face it, few designer brands and designer bags are losing the factor of being special just because it is everywhere and if  you are the one who enjoys being exclusive then this is the bag for you
Watch the unboxing of this stunning statement piece.



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