Gucci GG Marmont Belt

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This classic belt can be the best luxury investment and addition to your wardrobe as this statement piece can make your fashion level up by elevating your look even with a simple outfit. Below are key points which will be helpful in picking up your belt


Length of the belt

a. How to wear the belt correctly?
One should wear the belt with the middle hole on i.e. third hole on.

b.  Understand Gucci sizing
Gucci is measuring there belt in centimeters from the start of the buckle to the third hole of the belt. So as you can see from the picture my belt is 80cm and bought Gucci 80 size


c. Measure your waist
Put on your jeans, wear the measuring tape just as your belt inside the loop and measure it. This is the size you need to order

How to wear your belt with both high rise pants & low rise pants

If you want to buy a size which will suit both high rise waist as well as low rise waist then there are 2 options –
a. Buy the correct Low rise size & get 2 holes punched in (this is complimentary in Gucci store)
b. Buy correct High waist size & wear the low waist with the one hole on

Width of the belt

It comes in 2 width option one is .8 inch belt which is this skinny belt and another one us 1.5-inch width which has got a big GG logo buckle. I find skinny one more chic and easy to blend in daily routine as a bigger GG logo is more occasion oriented.

Each to its own as both looks absolutely stunning.


It comes in various buckle options like GG with plain brass metal, Palladium-toned hardware, Crystal detailing, pearl detailing, Shiny gold-toned hardware etc.
In terms of the belt, it comes in various color options in leather as well as canvas & elastic.

different belt


It’s a good idea to choose a neutral color. It’s a classic belt as long as you purchase a color that you’ll wear often.

How & When to buy

Remember GG Marmont belt never goes on sale. So If you are planning to buy this then the time is now as I have seen the trend of increasing the price every year for this belt.

I bought it from the Gucci boutique as I was not sure about my sizing and didn’t want to go wrong on my purchase. So buying it after trying it was the safest option.

But now as I have already provided a guide to you all, buying it online also is worth considering. It is available on the Gucci official website as well as a few trusted merchandise such as Net-a-Poter, Farfetch.







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