Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring:

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Tiffany Solitaire diamond ring:

There is a diamond and then there is ‘Tiffany diamond’ so rare and Beautiful.
For diamonds, One brand which sits above the rest in terms of heritage & fame is Tiffany and co.
There isn’t a woman in this planet who hasn’t dreamt of being gifted a Tiffany diamond.
This little blue box of heaven was my 1st-anniversary gift by my beloved husband.

Engagement ring collection is one of Tiffany’s heritage collection of solitaries. This blog is dedicated to that. This will give an insight into the overall buying experience.

In Engagement ring they have various style such as CLASSIC, TRUE, SOLESTE, NOVO, RIBBON etc.
I got a Classic Tiffany setting ring in platinum. Classic rings have Tiffany Iconic setting of 6 prongs in a cushion cut diamond with signature raised platinum band.
They also have an option of gold & rose gold But they don’t do it in white gold.

What makes Tiffany Diamond so special?

  1. Tiffany vouches for its diamond as they reject 99.96 of diamond and select only Brilliant, Scintillating and Symbolic pieces.
  2. The information about “4C and Presence” which makes Tiffany diamond more extraordinary can be found in their guide – Only diamonds of colour “I” (near colourless) or better are accepted by Tiffany, round brilliant diamond cushion cut of Tiffany etc.
  3. Apart from 4C, they are also known for the Iconic setting. It features 6 prongs on the diamonds to create a secure hold & signature raised platinum band.
  4. All rings are handmade, handcuffed and hand-polished.
  5. And last but not the least their iconic blue box.

Where and how to buy?

  1. Engagement rings design can be found on their website 
  2. Engagement Rings cannot be bought Online. Also, Price listed Online is not available on store, It’s always higher than the online listed price. This is mentioned in the ‘View Pricing details’ for each ring.
  3. Two ways to buy is – in-store and over the phone.
    We bought it in-store from London Bond street, 2nd biggest store in the world after New York store.
  4. Will suggest buying from in-store as it is an experience in itself and you can try various design before picking up the piece of jewellery. Also, it gives you a chance to  order the correct size of a ring which is very much required, in case you want to get it personalised

What do you get on a purchase?

  1. Iconic blue box wrapped in white ribbon. Inside this are the ring box and drawstring pouch. And of course the ring inside ring box
  2. A blue folder containing all the documents. The first document list the name of all documents which is expected as a part of the purchase – Diamond certificate, Lifetime warranty

Few useful points:

1. Exchange & return policy:
They do an exchange or return within 30 days of purchase. They extend it sometimes due to festive season like Christmas.
Also, they do resize complimentarily.
2. Maintenance:
Tiffany recommends and gives a complimentary service of cleaning the jewellery once in a year.
Timeworn prongs and clasps can result in the loss of a stone or an entire piece of jewellery. So it’s always a good idea to get the servicing done.
3. Pricing:
Price listed Online is not available on store, It’s always higher than Online listed price. This they have mentioned in the ‘Note About Pricing’
Price of the Platinum ring is always much higher than gold ring as Platinum as metal itself is costlier than gold
4. Offers:
There is no offer or sale for solitaire diamond rings.

Don’t miss the video of unboxing and diamond buying guide.






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