Amazing things to do in Lapland

1. Glass igloo
2. Icebreaker cruise and Ice-floating
3. Santa Claus village , Crossing Arctic circle
4. Finnish Sauna
5. Reindeer sleigh ride
6. Northern lights
7. Husky Ride
8. Snowmobile
9. Skiing, Cross country skiing
10. Sleeping in Ice bed
11. Road trip
12. Ice-sculptures
13. Ice fishing
14. Rauna Wildlife Park
15. Ice-karting
16. Tank ride
17. Horse back ride/Sleigh Ride

Sounds fun right? All these attractions are spread across Lapland, so to catch up with the activities one need to keep on hopping. But with good planning you can cut off on travelling and enjoy most of it. Visit our itinerary for Unique Lapland

Lets see what’s in the store for above attraction.

Not to miss in Lapland:

1. Glass Igloos lies in the North of Finnish Lapland in the popular resort of Saariselkä – Kakslauttanen Artic Resort. Hats off to Jussi Eiramo for establishing World’s most enchanting Arctic resort.
Stay in glass igloo is definitely worth dreaming of. It is also one of the finest place to see Northern lights with the stroke of luck. Fore more details and booking, refer to our page – Stay in LaplandIMG_2506

2. Icebreaker Cruise  is definitely a Lifetime Experience and The idea of sailing in frozen sea itself sounds magical.
The sound of crackling ice, standing on the deck of the ship with freezing cold climate, playing in the middle of frozen sea and the most attractive ice -floating is indeed a magical experience.
The journey to reach the port is also quiet good. You get to cross Finnish border, have lunch by the side of river, click photos in Sami village and  cherish the beauty of Lapland.IMG_1105

3. Santa Claus village is a place where Christmas is celebrated 365 days a year and is situated right at the Arctic circle. Santa and its fairy tale village is fantasy of everyone’s childhood.
Meet Santa Claus and get clicked, hug the huge snowman, enjoy reindeer-sleigh-ride and get a feel of this paradise.IMG_2784

4. Finnish sauna is integral part of Finland. Sit in a heated room,  come out of the sauna and take the dare to jump into freezing water lake or roll in the snow ( make sure it is fresh and powdery) or simply take a shower.IMG_2775

5. Reindeer being intrinsic to Lapland and Sami culture serves as one of the most attractive safaris, reindeer-sleigh-ride. Enjoy the thick pine forest covered with soft shiny snow and get a feel of entering into endless path of heaven.This is something for all ages.66ab380d4fdf6a0065efa44f8075c072e75b8a9c

6. Northern lights, Aurora Borealis hunting is primary attraction here. Safari takes you to the northern most part where it has best possibility to get a glimpse of unforgettable Aurora Borealis. They take you to a place where they have 1-2 big igloos with film running continuously and they also have a bar section .They serve you with hot juice and reindeer burger by the side of bonfire in a teepee.

Also, their are many option for Northern light hunting – by bus, by snowmobile, by reindeer sleigh-ride. But remember it is chilling cold and quite dark, so safest option is Bus.
Glass igloo is also a very good place to spot dancing Northern light. If lucky enough, you may get to see the marvel magnificent Northern Lights.

Other highlights and adventure

7. Husky ride, experience the wilderness with the sensation of being controlled by dogs. This is some real adventure.IMG_2814

8. Snowmobile, you can thunder across on a snowmobile. Remember, You need to have your driving license for this. If you are interested in automobiles then this is definitely for you.IMG_2778

9. Skiing/Cross country skiing, Lapland is the biggest destination for skiing.

10. Sleeping in Ice bed is also a rare experience. It is available in snowman world at Santa Claus Village.

For leisure seekers

11. Road trip in Lapland is so pleasant to witness the wilderness of Lapland, its easy to spot reindeer grazing by the side of the road, horse farm and admire the infinite spread snow blanket landscape. You can enjoy this while travelling from one city to other like bus ride from Rovaniemi to Saariselkä  or reaching Icebreaker port .

12. Ice fishing is another great way to enjoy winter scenery and catch some fish at the same time. Relax and learn to catch fish, this excursion generally takes 3-4 hours.

13. Ice-sclupters, travellers can explore Ice-sculptures and other snow attraction in Snowman world of Santa Claus Village or in Arctic snow hotel Visit programmesIMG_0907

14. Ranua Wildlife Park is the northern most zoo of the world. If you have craze for arctic animals and want to spot Polar bear then its a good place to spend a day.

Extreme adventure

15. Ice-karting is for the one who is looking for fast, furious and good fun in the Arctic. circle.

16. Tank ride, this is something interesting and new. It is available in Saariselkä

17. Horse back ride/Sleigh Ride, this is a must try for horse lover.IMG_1136

Need to plan above activities now? Visit our page Itinerary for Ultimate Lapland
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