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This picturesque dutch village is a treat to eyes and toddlers adore this place. The Zaanse (Zaan river) Schans (sconce) is full of green wooden houses, windmills, barns and workshops. From 1961 to 1974, wooden houses and windmills were transported to Zaanse Schans in order to recreate Dutch history. It gives visitors a taste of traditional Dutch country life away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities. It is major attraction to the tourist travelling to Amsterdam for a day trip and kids find it straight from the story book.

How to reach
You need to reach Amsterdam first

You can reach Zaanse Schans by both train and bus
Bus – The Rnet-bus 391 runs from Amsterdam Central Station every fifteen minutes to the Zaanse Schans. The trip takes forty minutes. For more information:

Train – The nearest railway station is Zaandijk – Zaanse Schans. This station can be reached by local train from Amsterdam Central Station in 17 minutes. Subsequently walk to the Zaanse Schans in 15 minutes.

Organized Tours – This is another great to visit Zaanse Schans is to opt for an organised tour.A professional tour guide will aid you throughout your excursion for a better understanding of the place. This tour is generally combined with our villages tour as well.
The cost, timing of the tour depends on the route chosen.

Things to do

  1. Wooden shoes Workshop – This is the most famous attraction here. you might have seen several pictures of this place with big yellow wooden shoes. This is the best picture spot.The entry to this workshop is free. You can read about history of clogs and experience the clog making process. It also has huge souvenir collections. If interested you can buy clogs of your size.
  2. Stroll through this dutch village – ENjoy the calmness and beauty of this old historic dutch village surrounded by windmills, green wooden houses and Zaan river. It is interesting to know people still lives in those wooden houses here
  3. Visit Museum and working windmill – It has got many museums. Few of them are free. Find the ticket prices of museum and working windmills here . Also refer this link
  4. Cruise the river – You can admire this beautiful village by cruising the river. They also have hop on hop off cruise to visit various windmills.
  5. Cheese tasting – Who doesn’t like free cheese? They will demonstrate the cheese making process and you can taste free cheese here
  6. Buy Souvenir – Take little bit of dutch to your home. You won’t be able to resist beautiful display of wide variety of souvenirs. Small wooden display, fridge magnet is a must pick

Find the opening timings of major attraction here

Few other information :

  1. Best time to visit – Spring as the whole village is blooming with flowers. But it will be crowded also.
  2. Currency: Euro
  3. Languages: Dutch, English. As its tourist place, English is commonly spoken here.
  4. Ideal for – Toddlers, Couples, Family, and short trip.
  5. Visa (For non-EU residents/passports): Schengen tourist visa or the Greek tourist visa. Check with your local Netherlands embassy. They promote tourism so visa generally doesn’t get rejected.
  6. Stay : The only option to stay here is Bed and breakfast



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Best Sunset on the Earth


Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring:

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Tiffany Solitaire diamond ring:

There is a diamond and then there is ‘Tiffany diamond’ so rare and Beautiful.
For diamonds, One brand which sits above the rest in terms of heritage & fame is Tiffany and co.
There isn’t a woman in this planet who hasn’t dreamt of being gifted a Tiffany diamond.
This little blue box of heaven was my 1st-anniversary gift by my beloved husband.

Engagement ring collection is one of Tiffany’s heritage collection of solitaries. This blog is dedicated to that. This will give an insight into the overall buying experience.

In Engagement ring they have various style such as CLASSIC, TRUE, SOLESTE, NOVO, RIBBON etc.
I got a Classic Tiffany setting ring in platinum. Classic rings have Tiffany Iconic setting of 6 prongs in a cushion cut diamond with signature raised platinum band.
They also have an option of gold & rose gold But they don’t do it in white gold.

What makes Tiffany Diamond so special?

Giethoorn, ‘Venice of Netherlands’

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This not so hidden gem of Netherlands is a fairytale village of Holland, often known as Venice of Netherlands. If you visiting Amsterdam then this a must-visit for you. A village with ‘no cars and no roads’ is a treat for leisure seekers. Thatched roof houses, bridges alongside the canal make it a scenic and gorgeous place. Away from the hustle of city life you can chill and admire the canals, ponds, and the scenery. This village is connected by narrow canals and boat is the primary mode of commutation for residents. It also has footpaths and bridges where you can walk or do cycling. Let’s see what this village has to offer its tourist

Things  to do in Giethoorn

Prada coin purse

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Prada, Compact Zip Around Wallet


Prada Coin purse, technically a compact zip-around wallet is the newest addition to my luxury collection and I know this will be the most used item as I have bought it with the intension of not limiting its usage due to any constraint and as I have shown in the video this fits literally anywhere, in any bag or in any pocket.

I have bought it from Prada outlet in Bicester village, England as I was specifically looking for 4 card slot with the same size
& a pop of colour instead of regular black.
My wallet is not available online or instore but below links are very similar to my style of wallet.

1. Triangle logo & 2 card slot
2. Prada letters logo and 2 card slot
3. Charm runner, Prada logo & 4 card slots.

Gucci GG Marmont Belt

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This classic belt can be the best luxury investment and addition to your wardrobe as this statement piece can make your fashion level up by elevating your look even with a simple outfit. Below are key points which will be helpful in picking up your belt


Length of the belt

a. How to wear the belt correctly?
One should wear the belt with the middle hole on i.e. third hole on.

b.  Understand Gucci sizing
Gucci is measuring there belt in centimeters from the start of the buckle to the third hole

YSL Uptown Clutch

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Best Item to Jumpstart your Luxury Collection

This Ysl uptown clutch is a very popular style at the moment. Watch my youtube video to


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Do you know about this magical water? 

SKII buying guide

This miracle water is a revolution for young glowing skin. Watch the unboxing of this Luxury skincare product on youtube.

Sophia Webster – Flossy butterfly camera bag

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A statement piece!

I am so thrilled to own this statement piece by Sophia Webster.

Jimmy Choo shoes – Luna 100

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Looking for tips to decide your Luxury designer footwear?

Jimmy Choo, remember the scene from Sex And The City, when Carrie Bradshaw loses one of her high heels and says, ‘I lost my Choo!’

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

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Looking for a guide to decide your 1st luxury bag?

Having a craze of Louis Vuitton, it feels fantastic to own one. Speedy is one of the most