How to dress in Lapland

As said  – “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” So if you want to enjoy your trip then get properly cladded. Its freezing cold here so layer up yourself to enjoy the Lappish nature, beauty & amazing activities.

1. Thermal Top & Thermal Pants
2. Jumpers
3. Jackets for Snow or Skiing
4. Snow boots
5. Scarfs
6. Gloves – Waterproof half finger gloves with mitten cover(OR water proof full gloves & half finger gloves)
7. Neck warmer/snood
8. Woolen stockings or thick stockings
9. Jeans
10. Warm Lower
11. Thermal socks
12. Cap/beannie
13. Waterproof pants

Now the question is how many layers one should wear? It depends upon the subzero temperature, activities and also your tolerance level.
For -2 to -15 °C , four layers are good for normal activities like roaming around, reindeer sleigh etc.
But if you are going for snowmobile, husky ride , midnight safari then wear the thermal clothing provided by the safaris on top of below mentioned 3-4 clothing layers.




Dressing up for Girls:

Lower –           1 thermal inner, 2 thick stockings, Jeans/Thick lowers.
Top –                2 thermal inner, 1 jumper/dress, snow waterproof jacket.
Shoes –            No heels. Best to buy a good snow-boots.
Accessories– 2 thermal socks, Neckwarmer/snood (to cover neck till nose), thick beannie, waterproof half finger gloves with mitten cover, scarfs (optional or keep it for variety)

Dressing up for Guys:

Lower –          2-3 thermal inner, Jeans.
Top –               2 thermal inner, 1 jumper, Snow waterproof jacket.
Shoes –          Waterproof shoes, Best to buy a good snow-boots.
Accessories-2 thermal socks, Neckwarmer/snood (to cover neck till nose), thick beannie, waterproof half finger gloves with mitten cover.

Decathlon is the best place to buy everything. It is very affordable and serves good. It is available in many countries UK , US , India etc.

1. Buy everything lightweight. Especially jackets.Otherwise you will get fatigue.
2. While buying snow jackets, it is mentioned in the jacket that it is tested for -10 or -20 degree. Do look for this detail.
3. Half finger gloves is very important for clicking photo with touch phone. That’s why wear 2 so that you can remove the water proof glove to click photo. And if you want to cut the hassle, go with finger less mittens.
4. Carry 2 jackets, as that is the main thing which will be visible in all your picyures. So if you want variety then carry one colorful jacket & one basic black jacket. You can carry one in your luggage and wear other one in flight.
5. Fancy or normal jackets won’t serve the purpose. So do invest in good jacket if you want to enjoy otherwise you will be cold in no time.
6. Carry your swimsuit/bikini for sauna. It is also available in rent.
8. Waterproof pants is only required when you want to play in snow. So no need to wear it full day.
9. If you want to go for ski, do take complete clothing as rental.
10. Safaris like snowmobile provide complete clothing with helmet. It is generally covered in the safari package.
11. Girls, if you fancy a good photograph with some stylish cloths, carry a dress with you. And try clicking few pictures near your warm stay.
12. Floating suit is included in Icebreaker Sampo package
13. Don’t pick anything cotton base.


Clothing provided by Safari


Waterproof snow-jacket for subzero temperature , Snood, Gloves, Thermals


Essentials to know for packing

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