How to reach Lapland

To reach any city in Lapland, the connectivity is via Helsinki. So if your are travelling from non-EU countries, its better to find connectivity till Helsinki. Stay over for a night in Helsinki and take the first early morning flight to the cities in Lapland

1. If you want to start your trip from Rovaniemi, than they have flight early morning which reaches around 9 am, so one can have full day to explore.

2. If You want to start your trip from Saariselkä, Then you have to reach Ivalo first and take the bus to Saariselkä which is just 20-30 mins from Ivalo.
So for Ivalo either try above option or look for end to end ticket as per the preference.

Finnair is the best option to book your tickets. Other option is Skyscanner

Tips: Before booking the flight tickets, book your glass igloo  as it gets sold out very quickly and you might not get the booking according to your schedule, if staying at igloo is in your itinerary.

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Rovaniemi Airport


Helsinki Airport


Rovaniemi Airport


Ivalo Airport




Rovaniemi Airport

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