Lapland Safari’s quick links

Hope you have visited our pages Attractions & Itinerary, as this page only gives you quick links to book safaris, commute etc

1. Icebreaker Sampo
2. Glass Igloo
3. Safari in Saariselkä
4. Safari in Rovaniemi and many other cities
5. Buses for intercity connectivity
6. For Santa Claus Village take local bus no. 8 in Rovaniemi.
7. Reindeer-sleigh-ride in Santa Claus Village –
8. Tank ride is present in Saariselkä –
9. Ranua Wildlife Park –
10. Finnish sauna in Saariselkä –

1. In Saariselkä prefer Huskyco over others as they are little cheaper with same quality of service.
2. Explore Santa Claus village yourself instead of booking package with any safaris as you can cover everything much cheaper than safari prices. Refer our Itinerary page
3. Northern light is pure luck. Sky has to be clear and you have to be lucky enough to get a glimpse of ‘Aurora Borealis’. Still look at the forecast
4. Make sure to book safaris directly with the provider instead of booking via any resort as they also outsource to same safari companies but charge more.
5. Email is the best option to get in touch with safari provider as they are quite prompt in responding the email.


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