Essentials to know about Lapland

Few essential things to know for Lapland trip

1. Lapland is in Finland, Europe.
2. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland. Rovaniemi is the “official” home town of Santa Claus.
3. Currency: Euro.
4. Languages: Finnish, Sami language, English.  As its tourist place, English is commonly spoken here.
5. People from Lapland are known as Sami people
6. Best time to visit – Lapland offers different activities for each season – Winter, Summer , Autumn. So it depends upon your choice of season and attraction. Talking about Winter (December to April) best time is around February and March as days are longer and still it is covered with thick snow.
7. Ideal for – Exotic trip, adventurous trip, best winter destination, honeymoon.
8. Suited for – Couples or families. Winter visit for infants and kids only if they can withstand extreme subzero temperature.
9. Ideal time to plan and book – Definitely 3-4 months before the trip. Igloos stay and icebreaker tours get sold out very quickly.
10. Visa (For non-EU residents/passports): Schengen tourist visa. If you are in UK you can get the visa from VFS, the turnaround is usually 10-15 working days.
11. Security – Although its silent landscape but its very secure in all terms.
12. Main cities in Lapland for activities :Roveniemi, Saariselkä (Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort), Kemi, Levi.
13. Don’t book the flights without booking glass igloo and icebreaker tour. They get sold out very quickly.

Essentials to know while packing

1. Driving license is must for snowmobiles, so do carry internationally accepted driving license.
2. Currency  – The local currency is euros. Most of the bookings for activities/safaris/hotels are done online, so carry small amount of cash. As recommended previously use Revolut card for euro currency if you are in UK or in US and want to exchange to Euros.The card can be ordered for free, top-up can be done through app, free ATM withdrawals, no fees.
3. ATMs – ATMs not very easy to find. Also, depends upon area.
4. CASH – Generally Debit or Credit cards are accepted everywhere, even in buses. But its safe to carry cash for bus/taxi travel.
5. Dresses/shoes – You need to pack heavily if you want to enjoy the winter. Please refer to How to dress in Lapland
7. European adapter – If you are a non-EU tourist then don’t forget to carry European adapter to charge your mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.
8. Good camera – This is MUST. Travelling here is once in lifetime experience. So you can’t afford to  miss capturing the marvellous beauty of Lapland.

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