Commute within Santorini

This page will give insights on how to move around in Santorini, how to reach to and from the airport and details about the travel agencies to book tours and excursions.

BUS – Local buses (KTEL) is the cheapest option. Each way, the trip cost 1.60€ to 2.20€. Buses are very comfortable A/C coach, with cushion seats & lot of luggage space. The key factor here is to commute to any village you have to do via Fira. Fira has the central bus station and buses for all routes are available here.

There are no options of  buses connecting two villages directly.For e.g. if you have to go from Pyrgos to Kamari, take a bus from Pyrgos to Fira & then Fira to Kamari. There is no direct bus from Pyrgos – Kamari.

Bus schedule is displayed in English at Fira bus station and inquiry booth is also available.The schedule changes frequently so don’t rely on any web page. Go to the bus station and see the status. Also, cross-check with the inquiry booth for buses as the delays are not displayed anywhere.

TAXI – The taxi station phone number is +302286022555. The costs vary depending on the distances, from 4.00€ up to 25.00€. Standard is 20€. The taxi stand is near the bus station in Fira. Most of the hotels can book a taxi on request. Taxi chains like Ola or Uber are not present in Santorini

Airport to hotel – Taxi is recommended as you will have luggage. It takes around 20€ for hotel drop depending upon distance. Generally, it is shared but they have a standard rate of around 20€ per person. Many taxis will be available outside the airport so no need to pre book.

Hotel to Airport/Athinos port – Taxi is recommended. Most of the ferries depart from Athinos port. So if you have flight/ferries to catch than relying on buses is a bad idea as frequency is not good and might not match your timings. Also, sometimes buses get delayed.

Squad bikes and Car- This is another big attraction. Easily available to hire from Fira or Kamari. Make sure you have map/navigation device to explore the routes. You will need a valid car driving license to hire quad bikes or car

Walk– Few places like Firostefani and Imerovigli are good to explore by walk and if you love trekking then you can go to Oia by walk from Firostefani.

Sea excursion –  This link will  give you an insight of sea excursion details and price, select “Santorini Volcano Tour ” here. We booked directly from Ancient Thira tours agency at the Kamari bus stop and recommend the same. Booking by visiting agencies is a good idea as there will be more options and you can negotiate on price. Online booking is not up to date and not recommended .View of  Ancient Thira tours below.


Image source: Google Maps

Bus excursion – Book directly from travel agency at Fira/Kamari.We booked at Fira with Kamari tours agency. It is located on the main square of Fira near the bus station. Location of Kamari tours agency below.


Image source: Google Maps


  1. Pre-booking of taxi on arrival from Airport is not necessary as many taxis will be available
  2. For bus & cruise excursions, opt for pickup and drop near the place you stay as they have many pickup spots.


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