How to reach Santorini

This trip is about visiting Santorini only, and does not cover other islands in Greece.There are two main ways you can arrive in Santorini- by Flight or by Ferry.

If you are traveling from UK or Europe , the best way to reach here is through the direct flight. However, there are other stopover options available via Athens. People from other countries also have direct option but most of the flights will have 1 or 2 stops via Athens. So, according to connectivity either fly directly to Santorini or fly to Athens and take flight/ferries to Santorini.

The easiest way to find the cheapest flight is to check on Skyscanner which allows you to do a search and see a list of the cheapest flights to Santorini across all airlines.

We arrived at Santorini by flight & departed by ferry (Seajets) to the other Island (Crete) of Greece.

Recommended links to book ferries:

Useful Tips:


  • Booking in advance is always a good idea especially if you are going in peak season to avoid sell out.
  • If you are booking the flights from UK you can get cashback on your flight tickets if you book via Quidco or topcashback
  • Flights in Europe usually charge for the check in baggage. Please check the rates before booking the tickets


  • While booking ferry tickets you will have a choice of booking a standard or Gold/Platinum class ticket – I would suggest you to book the standard because most of the time due to huge crowds the First/ business class tickets are made invalid inside the ferry and the passengers are allowed sit anywhere on the ferry.
  • Do take into consideration that ferries can be cancelled due to rough seas and high winds. So plan your tickets accordingly.
  • While boarding the ferry you are not allowed to take your luggage (large ones)on the main deck. There is an area for all the passengers to keep their luggage. As the area is common, luggage of all passengers are kept together. If you have valuables such as cameras, watches, jewellery etc then carry them with you (within your hand bag) on the main deck
  • If you are taking your car along with you on a ferry then do book it in advance

Thinking of a vacation in santorini? Visit What Santorini has to offer the tourist?  and Santorini Itinerary

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