Shopping in Santorini

What to shop and from where?

Here are the few things you can buy from Santorini

  • Exclusive to Santorini – Souvenirs, the very famous Evil eyes, handmade jewelry, local wines, olives, stones, art, good swimwear. Available almost everywhere Thirasia, Pyrgos, Oia, Fira, Kamari.
  • Unusual/unique stuff – Donkey Milk soap. It is advertised like – Miracle for the face. No personal experience so can’t recommend. Available in Oia.
  • Tips for souvenirs – Souvenirs are bit costly in commercial places. Try to pick it up from villages like Megalohori, Pyrgos etc. It’s quite cheap there and you can try your luck with bargaining.
  • Most expensive place – Oia is the most expensive place to buy things.
  • Wide variety – At Oia or Fira you will get almost everything. Oia also has many high street brands, Greek gold jewellry, art galleries etc. Kamari is also decent in terms of variety.
  • Leather goods are cheap here and of good quality.
  • Mini supermarkets – There are many mini supermarkets in places such as Fira, Kamari, Pyrgos from where you can buy groceries, food, drinks, water etc.


  1.  Bargains– If you are good at bargaining than you can try in Santorini especially in local shops. Usually it works so try your luck who knows something might stick! 🙂
  2. You won’t find large supermarkets or malls in Santorini


More than shopping, Is it food that interests you? Visit Food in Santorini


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