SKII buying guide

This miracle water is a revolution for young glowing skin. Watch the unboxing of this Luxury skin care product in youtube.

The essence not only works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots, but it also improves skin’s overall radiance, tone and texture.

Various options to buy:

1. Best option is SKII  official websiteas with every purchase you get 2 complimentary sample, a good way to try on different range of products before splurging into it.

2. Few trusted merchandise also list this product e.g. Net-a-Porter

3. If you live in US, then you can consider in store purchase from sephora.

What to buy

  1. Welcome kit (including essensce)- This is really cost effective. Just for few more bucks you can get  additional products to include in your routine. 
  2. Essence – This product has to be the most effective of all as it contains 90% of pitera

Ingredients of Essence

It contains 90% of Pitera and PITERA™ contains over 50 micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids to condition skin’s natural functions.


It is fairly expensive product. 100 dollars  for 75 ml. (75 pounds for 75 ml )But worth every penny as with each drop it will freeze the age, reduce appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.


Need to include twice in daily routine.

One can start using this essence in their 20s, But its never too late to start using this miracle water.




Jimmy Choo shoes – Luna 100

Luxury designer footwear

Jimmy Choo , remember the scene from Sex And The City, when Carrie Bradshaw loses one of her high heels and says, ‘I lost my Choo!’
Well, let me twist it a bit and say ‘I got my Choo’ yay. Yes, you heard it right. I got a gorgeous pair of designer shoe by Jimmy Choo. I bought Luna 100, a glamorous peep-toe heels in champagne glitter fabric . Watch the unboxing of Jimmy Choo heels in above video.

While purchasing this luxury, a lot of questions popped up. So here is a list of tips worth considering  before you embark on a search  for the hottest pair of designer shoes.

Tips to choose first Designer footwear

1. Occasion – What occasion are you looking for – daily wear, workwear, evening wear etc?
2. Comfort level – What’s your preference on the comfort level, whether you want to go for heels or flats? Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

My first luxury designer bag

Having a craze of Louis Vuitton , it feels fantastic to own one. Speedy is one of the most iconic bag and I bought this in damier azur print, although high maintenance but it looks beautiful. I did my research on designer bag and had few bags in my wish list. I went to store to try few bags but bought my bag online due to unavailability of stock. I chose to go for size 25 as it serves my purpose and fits almost all my essentials like iPad Air (9.7 inches), wallet, phone, make up etc which is a quite substantial amount of things. I have listed below few specification of Louis Vuitton and also few tips on how to choose the first luxury bag. Do checkout the video, it showcases quick unboxing, bag organiser and what fits in it.

Interesting and useful facts about Louis Vuitton bags: Continue reading